letter from the ceo

Today, July 14th 2022, marks the launch of our software development services. These services focus on the delivery of automated data-collection and operational process pipelines directed at companies with proven business models that are lagging in, or incumbents in industries that are lagging in technical adoption.

We are positioned at the intersection of digital services and activist investing – we integrate automated pipelines that have quantifiable impacts on the bottom line of proven companies. As such, we only source projects only from vetted applications / consultation, and our own research.

In the age of digitization, only businesses with the highest informational bandwidth will succeed. Few organizations (such as google, amazon, meta) have truly leveraged the global availability of data resulting in significant competitive imbalances. By combining the technical expertise of Zenith and the domain expertise of our clients we will achieve our mission of eliminating informational monopolies to empower a competitive digital economy.

gabe atkinson, ceo